Dear ESA Parents,

As owners of Elite Sports Academy our most important responsibility is to ensure that the ESA Mission-To make fitness fun and develop each child to their fullest potential permeates everything we do. To that end, if ever we can do anything to help your child have a more rewarding experience at Elite Sports Academy please do no hesitate to call us personally at 574-234-7019. It is important that you read and understand this entire enrollment information. Before you begin, please take a moment to memorize these grounding thoughts and you will know 80% of all you need to know.


  1. NEW STUDENTS should ENROLL AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE. Enrolling before the Priority Deadline enhances your chance of getting your first class choice.
  2. "NO NEWS IS GOOD NEWS". Whether enrolling for the first time or requesting a class change, remember, we will contact you only if we encounter difficulty supplying your first class choice.
  3. PRIORITY DEADLINE, which is the last week of each month. We guarantee a CURRENT STUDENT his or her ongoing class spot if and only if tuition is paid by the PRIORITY DEADLINE. Once the priority deadline passes (the new month begins), your class spot will be released and made available to others requesting that spot. You will not receive notifications that your spot was released.
  4. CURRENT STUDENTS will automatically be enrolled and billed for tuition for the next session. You must notify ESA by the end of the month if your enrollment status is changing.

Warmest regards,

Adam & Camille Cole



Online will be the quickest way to enroll. 


FORMS OF PAYMENT: Cash, check or charge. If your check is returned NSF your account will automatically be debited for the amount of the check plus a processing fee of $30.00


WE DO NOT INVOICE: Email statements are sent our as a "reminder" in advance of each session, but it remains your responsibility to pay tuition on or before the Priority Deadline in order to maintain your place in class. Note: if you are concerned about forgetting to pay before the Priority Deadline we strongly encourage you to Pay-In-Advance.


$25 STUDENT/$45 FAMILY ANNUAL REGISTRATION FEE: This fee is due upon initial enrollment and on your anniversary date, thereafter.


AUTOMATIC ENROLLMENT: Once you join ESA you will be automatically enrolled in the following session. To avoid be billed for tuition please contact ESA if your enrollment status is changing.




10% FAMILY/MULTI-CLASS DISCOUNT: When more than one immediate family member is enrolled at the same time, only the most expensive tuition in your family pays full fare. All lesser tuitions are discounted 10%. If a student is enrolled in more than one class he/she will receive a discount on the 2nd and 3rd classes. A student may only receive either the Family Discount or Multiclass Discount but not both at the same time.


100% TUITION-BACK GUARANTEE: If after your family's first Session of classes at Elite Sports Academy you are not entirely happy, Elite Sports Academy will cheerfully refund 100% of your tuition for that Session. This guarantee is ONLY for families BRAND NEW to Elite Sports Academy (families who have never previously been enrolled).



JOINING: No problem....tuition will be PRORATED to your start date.


CHANGING class within the SAME program: We will gladly accommodate class change requests within the SAME PROGRAM as long as a vacancy exists.


CHANGING from one program to another is considered dropping: see below.


DROPPING: No refunds or credits will be given for dropping a class. Once a Session (Month) has commenced, you are in the class for the entire month, regardless of attendance, except for Medical conditions (see below). You must notify ESA by the end of the month if you are dropping. Enrollment in the next SESSION is automatic, which means you will be billed for tuition until you notify ESA that you are dropping.


MEDICAL REASON: For medical conditions validated by a medical practitioner's written statement, a prorated credit will be issued based upon the date of the statement was received( requests after-the-fact eliminate Elite Sports Academy's opportunity to fill a vacant class spot). Refunds will be processed within 14 days.