Full throttle  Bootcamp: A 50 min class that incorporates a balance of weight training and cardiovascular exercise to provide an optimal calorie burn for shedding those unwanted pounds.

Double Hitter: A 30 Min class of high-intensity Interval training that helps to tone and shape the body using metabolic exercises that will keep your heart pounding. All accompanied with good music and even better atmosphere.

Power Hour: 50 Min Class that utilizes weight training principals to optimize strength and improve overall physique. Come get instructed on how to properly and safely weight train to keep healthy and keep up with your Kids never ending energy.

Personal training: A 30min or 60 min 1 on 1 session to provide you the right tools to hit your fitness goals! Whether it be weight loss, building strength or better beach body.

Classes will be a $115 Monthly for classes offered 3 days a week, Monday thru Friday. Drop in rate is $20 a session. Class times TBA, Morning, afternoon and night.

Personal training will be $30 for the half hour, $50 for the hour. PT packages will be

5 sessions = $175

+10 sessions = $300

5 Sessions = $115

+10 sessions = $200.